Since it’s founding in 1701, Detroit has been at the forefront of creating modern America as we know it, whether it be in sports, entertainment, or the automotive industry. One of Detroit’s hidden gems however, is the great American quick eats that is the coney island. America’s first coney islands originated in Detroit through Eastern European immigrants putting a twist on the Coney Island, New York hot dog push carts. It was this rich and fine Detroit history that gave the owners inspiration in naming and starting Detroit’s Finest Coney Island. Today, Detroit’s Finest Coney Island pays homage to the hardworking immigrants that started it all, but with a little extra pizazz. DFCI has a unique blend of adding Balkan and Italian twists to All-American eats creating a delicious melting pot of flavors. The In-house chilli, made out of 100% quality ground beef, satisfies your taste buds whether it be on a crunchy vienne, or standing alone in a bowl. All-in-all, DFCI aims to offer exceptional service through mouth-watering menu options, coming together to make your experience homely, forever revolutionizing the coney island name and bringing it to the spotlight that is Detroit’s finest.

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